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Super Man Cake 4 Pounds

Super Man Cake 4 Pounds

Super Man Cake 4 Pounds


Customized superman cake

We all love superhero characters and movies. The reason why these movies are so popular among kids is the way the hero saves this world every time. Kids love and idolise the characters shown in these movies. One such movie is the superman movie and kids love this movie’s superhero named superman. This Superman has super powers and he guards the world against evil. Little kids, especially boys, have an interest in superman themed costumes and birthday parties. Therefore, if your little one’s birthday is upcoming we suggest you throw him and his friends a superman themed birthday party. For this, you can get online superman themed birthday decoration accessories and a superman cake. For a customized superman birthday cake you can always count on Cake Shake Bakers. Because we have recently added a superman man customised cake to our list and our customers are loving it.

Qualities that make our customized superman cake the best

Perfect taste:

We have never compromised on taste so our customized superman cake is one of the best when it comes to taste. Every bite of this scrumptious cake is worth having and is a delight to one’s taste buds. The bakers have made each layer with expertise and care. As this cake is specifically suited for kids’ birthday parties, the bakers at Cake Shake Bakers have kept the flavours sweet and creamy. Kids will love the soft sponge as we have kept the liking of your little ones in mind while preparing this delightful cake. Moreover, the top cover is made up of fondant which is also sweet and adds to the taste of this customized superman cake.

Customized superman design:

This cake is a perfect representation of Superman’s character. Its red and blue colour is exactly based on the character’s outfit. Plus, the shape of this cake is not round and resembles that of a superman costume logo. The blend of red and blue makes it look attractive to little kids. The fondant layer at the top makes it best suited for a themed birthday party. Hence, the design of this customized superman cake can make a little superman fan’s birthday very special.

In addition, the size of this 4-pound cake is perfect for a bigger-sized birthday party. It can fill up to 15 kids easily and the best part is, the price is also reasonable for such amazing quality and quantity.


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