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Gift your loved ones an Eid ul Adha Cake.

Gift your loved ones an Eid ul Adha Cake.
Gift your loved ones an Eid ul Adha Cake

On this delightful and holy occasion of EID ul Adha, we wish you all a very happy meaty eid. We all know how significant this day is and how sacred the essence of this eid is. Those who can afford will sacrifice animals for Allah and will also include others in their happiness. In short, this Eid is all about sacrificing what you love and sharing the joy with others.

On such a beautiful day how can we at Cake Shake Bakers ignore our lovely customers? We are also planning to be a part of your Bari Eid festivities by presenting our very own Eid Ul Adha customized cakes. Yes, you have heard it right! This Eid we will be making customized Eid ul Adha Cakes for you. And you will be celebrating your happiness with our delicious fresh Cakes. These customized cakes will show your dear ones how special they are and your Eid is incomplete without them.

What makes our customized Eid cakes best?

When it comes to sharing your Eid happiness with your loved ones, gifting a sweet and yummy cake is one of the best ways you can surprise them. Our Eid Ul Adha Cakes will be a treat to your taste buds. Because our yummy cake will fill your mouth with a very pleasant taste. Apart from cream the sponges are very moist and will effortlessly melt in your mouth. As our bakers will bake it for you out of a perfectly made batter. Plus, our frostings are the best in town that will make you choose us every time you have to buy a cake.

Besides taste, the best thing about these cakes is that you can now get them in any shape, design or flavour. We will make you the same design you want as our Bakers are very good at using fondant and making perfect fondant cakes as well. So why go for basic simple cream cakes? This Eid, gift something a little extraordinary to your loved ones.

Enhance your Eid spirit with Eid ul Adha customized cake:

Eid is one of the best days to celebrate with your relatives and family. Therefore, Your joy will be incomplete with our Eid cakes as they are made with love and expertise. You can order any cake as per your desires and can get up to 4 pounds. The best thing about our customized Eid ul Adha cake is the fact that they won’t cost you an arm or leg and are very reasonable in price. So order your customized cake right now and enhance your Eid spirit with our delights.


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