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Barbie Cake 4 Pounds

Barbie Cake 4 Pounds

Barbie Cake 4 Pounds


Customized Barbie cake:

Kids love birthday parties, especially girls as they are more social. Every girl wants her birthday to be grand. From cake to decoration everything needs to be on point. Selecting a perfect Cake is a hassle for every parent but worry no more. If your girl’s birthday is in a few days and you are searching for a perfect cake then we have something special for you. We present you with our customized Barbie cake that will beautifully suit your little Barbie’s birthday. We have specially designed this cake for your princess’s birthday and to make her feel precious and loved.


Perfect in taste:

Our Customised Barbie cake is one of the best in terms of taste and flavours. Its rich flavour combines with the soft and juicy sponge to give you a very amazing taste. Its creamy pink frosting will become your girl’s favourite. Moreover, the bakers at Cake Shake Bakers create such a perfect balance of sweetness that can satisfy the taste of adults and kids both. Therefore this customized cake will go very well with your kids’ birthday party celebrations. However, you can get any flavour you demand as we will get it customized. You just have to mention which flavor you will prefer while ordering.


Cute Barbie look:

This customized Barbie cake will not just make your taste buds happy but it will also be very attractive to look at. Its Barbie-themed customization is what your daughter will love the most. A beautiful Barbie sits at the top of this cake. Little Girls usually have a fascination for pink, so by keeping that in mind, we have covered the cake with pink cream. This cream topping makes this Barbie’s flowy frock. The frock part has beads that enhance the look of this cute Customised Barbie cake. Overall, by the look of this cake, it seems as if a real Barbie is sitting in her pretty pink frock.

This Barbie cake will efficiently fill a gathering of 5 – 10 people as its size is 4 pounds. But the price is very reasonable as compared to the size and design of this customized Barbie cake. Plus, the cake will be fresh and will taste very delicious because we have made it with love for your little one. So why wait any more? Just order this yummy cake and surprise your little Barbie with our customized Barbie cake.


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