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Doraemon Cake 4 Pounds

Doraemon Cake 4 Pounds

Doraemon Cake 4 Pounds


Customized Doraemon cake:

Kids nowadays get fascinated by cartoon characters very often. There are many famous cartoons that our kids love to watch. One of them is Doraemon. This cartoon character who is in fact a robot is every child’s favourite. Due to this huge fan following of the character, the Doraemon theme birthday parties are very much in trend nowadays.

If your little one’s birthday is also around the corner you must go for a Doraemon birthday setup. There are Doraemon birthday decoration sets that you can easily find in markets. However, the most significant component would be a birthday cake that can match your party theme. Do not worry as Cake Shake Bakers has got your back in this regard. We are presenting a beautiful and delicate Customized Doraemon Cake that will go great with the entire birthday theme.


What makes this Customized Doraemon cake worth buying?


Scrumptious and delightful taste:

The best cake for a kid’s birthday should be tasty enough to tempt the hyperactive little minds. It is a little hard to win a kid’s taste buds but not with our very own Customized Doraemon cake. Because our tasty cakes are one of the best cakes in Karachi and can cater to the taste of kids as well. Our professional bakers have made this delicious cake with expertise and skills. This fresh cake will attract all the kids at your son’s birthday party as it tastes amazing. The frosting is pure cream based and enriched with sweetness. Sponge on the other hand is soft as we have prepared it keeping the likes of little kids in mind. So this customized cake can easily win your and your kid’s heart with just a single bite.


Tempting and cute outlook:

One of the main elements of every kid’s birthday cake is its design or outlook. Kids usually like cute Customized cakes. So by keeping that in mind our professional bakers have designed this cake in a cute Doraemon shape. This cake’s outlook is completely inspired by the Doraemon cartoon character’s look. The round shape is actually the face of cute little Doraemon that your kid adores. We can surely say that this cake will go very well with your kid’s Doraemon-themed birthday.

In addition, the cake weighs nearly 4 pounds and can host up to 5-10 people. Which makes this delicious cake the best fit for a Doraemon birthday party.


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