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Anniversary Cake 4 Pounds

Anniversary Cake 4 Pounds

Anniversary Cake 4 Pounds


Customized Anniversary Cake

Life is too short to be sad and depressed all day. You have to find joy in life’s little moments. One such occasion is your anniversary that you should celebrate with love. There is no greater joy than making your loved one feel important and special on your anniversary. To show them that you adore them, there is no better idea than presenting them with a customized cake. We at Cake Shake Bakers have brought a very appealing and delicious cake that can turn your anniversary day into an unforgettable one.


Best in town taste:

Our Customised anniversary cake tastes like heaven and is one of the yummiest in town. Every single bite of this cake is flavorsome which makes it the best fit for an occasion like your anniversary. Moreover, the cake has a perfect blend of flavors that will feel like out of this world. The soft juicy sponge of this cake is all your taste buds are craving. Plus, the creamy frosting tastes very delicious and is not very heavy like most cream cakes.

Not just plain cream, you can get any flavor you crave including chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, Belgian chocolate, and many more. You just have to name your flavor and we will get you exactly what you demand.


Appealing and mouth-watering design:

Besides taste, our customized anniversary cake will beat all other cakes in looks and design. This red rosy cake represents passion and the spirit of love and care. Our bakers have put their efforts to make this cake look beautiful and romantic to make your day special. The heart-shaped cake will best suit your heartiest anniversary party or even your anniversary surprise. So we recommend you pair this scrumptious sweet cake with a red bouquet and give the most romantic surprise to your dear one.

In addition, the cake is approximately 4 pounds which means you can use this as a dessert for your anniversary party.  This cake can serve up to 5 – 10 people easily so you do not have to stress over the quantity. The quality on the other hand will amaze you and your taste buds. Because our cakes have a reputation of melting like soft butter in the mouth and are very appetizing when it comes to taste. So, book your order now and make your day extra special and romantic with this mouth’s watering Customised cake.


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