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Picture Cake 4 Pounds

Picture Cake 4 Pounds

Picture Cake 4 Pounds


Customized picture cake:

Customized birthdays are becoming popular day by day. It’s one of the many ways that can make your loved ones happy. Such birthdays would also need a perfect customized cake that can add to the happiness of the birthday person. There is a variety of customized cakes that you can order for a customized birthday. And, one of them is a Picture birthday cake. If you are throwing a very personal birthday party for your close one then you should get a customized Picture birthday cake for them. And, you all know that there is no better option than getting a Customised cake from Cake Shake Bakers. We now have customized Picture birthday cakes that will become the star of your precious one’s birthday party.

Why go for our customized Picture cake?

Incredible taste:

One of the first things that any cake lover would want to have is a delicious and perfectly baked cake. Our bakers have always been known for baking wonders out of their ovens. And, this customized Picture birthday cake is also a wonder due to its incredible taste and super soft sponge. Moreover, its creamy top is so light that you won’t feel heavy even after taking two whole slices. There is a perfect balance of sweet flavours, which makes this cake yummy for both kids and adults.

Customized picture design:

The thing that makes this cake so special is its design. The cake’s top is fully covered with the birthday person’s picture. Our experts will beautifully carve the picture on this customized Cake that will make your heart fall in love with its design. The picture printed on this Cake is not made up of ordinary paper. The paper we use for such cakes is edible and is not harmful even if you eat it. If you also want to make your birthday special you can send us the picture that you would want on the top of your cake and we will make you a perfectly baked Picture cake.

In addition, our customized Picture cake is Reasonable in price and quantity. If you have a party of 10 to 16 guests then this cake would surely suffice. Because the cake is up to 4 pounds and can easily feed a birthday party gathering. Plus, the price is reasonable so you would remain on budget. So why not make any birthday special by just ordering our Customised Picture Cake?



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